Add a Member Hub Listing on the Monroe Chamber Member Hub Directory.

  1. If you have or may have a directory listing, please use the Link Hub section to find your existing listing. Enter a key word of your business or organization and be patient while we look for similar listings.
  2. If you find your listing, use the “Fill in Business Details” button, to pre-populate the information we already have on file.
  3. Even when pre-populating the information, data will not include any photos or images.
  4. Please upload images that are 480 wide by 320 high and between 5 to 50KB in size. Images of different dimensions will not appear correctly distorting you logo or images and  images over 50KB will take longer to load to your perspective customers.
  5. Your submission, pre-populated or not, will be submitted to the Chamber staff as a new listing for review.
  6. Fill in or modify all of the fields you can for the most complete listing and use the “Review Your Listing” to move to the next step.
  7. You will then see a review of your listing, which you may go back and edit, cancel, or use the “Publish” button for submission.

*All new listings will be reviewed by the Chamber Staff for information and appropriate content. It will not allow the submission to be seen until review is complete.

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