Over two hundred and fifty businesses and organizations belong to the Monroe Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Membership has its privileges including B2B networking and advertising opportunities which not available to general public or is discounted.er Members.

Membership has its privileges!

All members receive the following with their annual membership:

  • Bulk Mail  Rate of $0.291 per piece standard mail, $0.173 per piece for non-profit mail (subject to change due to periodic postal rate changes)
  • Monroe Money Gift Certificates We distributed more than $45,000 in 2015 to encourage people to shop locally.  Monroe Money may be purchased at the Chamber office and can only be redeemed at member businesses.
  • Copier usage – Set up your account and take advantage of our low member rate per copy.
  • Conference Room Call ahead and reserve this convenient meeting room for groups up to 25.
  • Mailing Labels of Chamber Members.
  • ChamberWorks Newsletter printed and published online, as well as e-mailed monthly, includes business advertisements. Copies distributed to over 30 businesses around town for consumer access.
  • Newsletter Insert Reach hundreds of targeted potential customers each month by inserting up to 8X11 sheet into the Chamber newsletter.
  • Business After Hours Great networking opportunities each month at featured Chamber Businesses.
  • Referrals We receive about 250 phone calls and many visitors each week requesting information about our community.  Many of these contacts result in referring our member businesses to these contacts.
  • Mailed Relocation and Visitor Packets Information provided to individuals interested in visiting or relocating to the area.
  • Visitor and Relocation Packet Inserts brochures included in relocation and visitor packets.
  • Online Business Directory Our online business directory is searchable by category or alphabetically.  The Chamber directory is where people go to look up local tourism and business information.
  • Link to Your Business Website We will link your website to ours from our business directory.  This is a great opportunity to make your business highly visible in our community.
  • Shows and Expo Booth Opportunities Display your products or services to the local and regional markets during our events and shows as they develop.
  • Educational Opportunities through various classes and programs organized by the Monroe Chamber.

Member Advertising Opportunities

We offer many affordable and highly-targeted advertising options that will provide your business with a measurable return on your marketing investment. Our digital opportunities are efficient, powerful, cost-effective ways to extend your reach to your best new business prospects.

Spaces and placement is limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Advance payment is required to reserve an email blast, newsletter or website sponsorship.

Featured News Articles
If a member would like to have a featured article on our home page, please provide written content and a featured image. Featured Images need to be 527 px wide x 288 px tall.  If you can not provide an image, you can have one created for $50 by FusionFly Web Design.

Image Size: 527 px wide x 288 px tall


Featured Articles with Images will be featured on the home page of the MonroeChamber.org. If they do not have an image, they will appear within our News & Events section of our website blog.

Chamber Chat
Chamber Chat is a weekly electronic publication sent to more than 600 Chamber representatives and their businesses and organizations highlighting weekly events, upcoming events and other news. Ads are due 7 days prior to the first of every month and limited space is available (reserved to 2 spots weekly).

Advertisements will be “clickable” to take customers directly to your website.

Since mid-June the “unique open rate” for Chamber Chat emails is an average of 36 percent. (Industry average is 21%.) The “click rate” is averaging 26 percent. (Industry average is 11%.)

We can assure you that more than 200 Chamber members will see your ad each week your run it.

Specs: 185 pixels wide, height may vary

Weekly Chamber Chat investment: $50/week or $180/month (4 consecutive weeks)

Sign up for the weeks or months you prefer.

Newsletter Ads
ChamberWorks is a monthly electronic AND print publication sent to more than 600 Chamber representatives and printed and distributed throughout the community. Email blast ads are due 7 days prior to the first of every month and limited space is available (reserved to 2 spots monthly).

Since mid-June the “unique open rate” for newsletter emails is an average of 39.2 percent. The “click rate” is averaging 48.8 percent.

Specs: 185 pixels wide, height may vary

Monthly newsletter email blast investment: $100/month

More than 235 people view the newsletter from the email blast. Hundreds more view it on the website and in print form in businesses throughout the community.

Yearly newsletter layout investment:

Full Color Ads

$350: Side page ad: 2”w x 2.25”h

$350: Half page Header Ad: 3.75” x 1.1875”

$700: Full Page Header Ad: 10.375” x 1.1875”

$350: Half Page Footer Ad: 3.75” x 2.125” (inside covers)

$700: Front Cover Footer Ad: 3.75” x 2.125”

$600: Back Cover Footer Ad: 10.375” x 1.1875”

Black & White Ads

$300: Side Page Ad: 2” x 2.25”

$300: Half Page Header: 3.75” x 1.1875”

$600: Full Page Header Ad: 10.375” x 1.1875”


Website Ads
The Monroe Chamber website is the first place people go to find out about Monroe. It serves as a resource to consumers (both local and visiting) and generates exposure for members. As an industry, local chamber of commerce websites are trusted as a reliable source for local information.

Our website receives more than 138,000 page views per year.

Take advantage of rotating advertising space viewable on all pages of the Chamber website.

$625: Footer Ad: 350px w x 300px h (on every page)

$345: Home Page Ad: 350px w x 300 px h

Or target your message to a specific page of the website:

$195: Inside Ad: 350px w x 300 px h

Choose the page on which you would like your advertisements.

Only $100 for each additional page.

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