September is “Back to School” and it could not possibly happen without bus drivers. Our Ambassadors Brew Crew wanted to thank Denise Schindler and her dedicated staff of drivers, mechanics and all around jacks of all trades that take personal care of our youngsters. From day-to-day school trips to special events and competitions, these drivers have seen it all. The Ambassadors gathered in one of the smaller busses designed to transport kids as young as 3 years old. The  special seats have harness and booster seats to keep them protected.  Enjoy the photos and click the link to see all the great shots from our Chamber Photographer Second Crop Creative

Childhood memories of school bus rides were shared by Ambassadors Kim Berg, Amanda Gerber, Val Johnson, Luke Smetters, Daniel Rivera, Nataly Cervantes. We were happy to get such a thorough view of what a day in the life at Lamers looks like. Colette Walters, Melissa Even and all of us at the Chamber want to thank Denise for her dedication and leadership.

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