Another Quality member of the Monroe Chamber of Commerce is receiving industry recognition for their top performance. We have a substantial industrial presence in our community and seeing Don Wickstrum and his organization receive this type of recognition is what we love to see.

Top 10 Robotics Technology Companies 2017: ROBOTICS TECHNOLOGY SPECIAL

Every invention is born out of an effort to reduce labor. Since, time immemorial, humans are on a quest to find newer and easier ways to carry-out their day-to-day tasks. Even the wheel was invented to move heavy objects from one place to another with minimal effort, and since then, technology has taken significant strides in overcoming labor-intensive operations. From the four-bar mechanism, which gave birth to the internal combustion engine, to the artificial intelligence-driven ‘Sofia’, which became the first robot to get a citizenship, technology has paved way for robotics to be an integral part of our lives and streamline living in one way or the other.

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