Rolling Hills Dairy Producers Cooperative was established in May of 2006 with 14 charter members handling 3.1 million pounds of milk per month.  The Co-Op operated out of Larry Hermanson’s home office until 2010, when the office was moved to a location in Monroe, Wisconsin.

We have grown to 154 farms and are handling 41 million pounds of milk per month.  Rolling Hills provides milk to 14 dairy plants located throughout Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Our office is located at 718 16th Street, Monroe, WI (608) 325-4549 FAX: (608) 325-5781

Monroe Housing Authority Churchill Woods Apartments

800 13th Ave Monroe WI 608 325 2949

Our mission is to ensure safe, decent, and affordable housing; create opportunities for residents’ self-sufficiency and economic independence; and assure fiscal integrity by all program participants.

JJRT Premier Properties, LLC was founded in 2013 by four local business professionals in Monroe, WI. As our company name signifies, we are in business to provide our tenants with high quality and affordable “Premier” properties in Monroe, WI. We currently own and manage over twenty (20) properties in Monroe.

Visit our website for available listings

Literacy Council Of Green County

To empower adult learners with the English language, one word at a time.” 

Located in the Monroe Public Library, Executive Director, Ellen Hossman, can be reached anytime via her email address at  608 293 3161

Scrabble for Literacy fund Raiser is held October 22, 2018 at Flan’s on the Square.

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